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Classroom Courses

Classroom Procedures -
- Washing Hands/Sanitizing frequently throughout the day.
- Keeping the classroom clean and free of distractions and clutter.
- Students will be assigned alternating jobs to provide a sense of purpose in the classroom.
Course Descriptions
Math - will focus on mastering fact fluency and addition/subtraction strategies, as well as numerous topics such as measurement, geometry, data, time, and money, and various problem solving skills and strategies.
Language Arts - will focus on the mastery of reading with fluency and accuracy, as well as numerous other topics such as story elements, authors purpose, writing a paragraph, and so much more!
Phonics - will focus on various strategies to help students decode and comprehend words and sounds.
Writing - will focus on spelling, capitalization, grammar, and writing neatly with proper size and spacing.
Science - will focus on a variety of topics such as the scientific method, weather, states of matter, and animals!
Social Studies - will focus on several different topics including civics, rules and laws, economics, pioneers, and PA History.
Resources and Expectations
- Students will be using Seesaw to upload and view the majority of their learning activities.
- Students will be held accountable for their actions and for completing their work. 
- Students will be respectful to the teacher as well as their peers.
- Students will feel a sense of individual pride and confidence in their abilities.